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Prima di inviare il tuo iPhone ad Apple per il servizio, dovrai eseguire il backup di tutti i tuoi dati e cancellare tutti i tuoi contenuti e impostazioni. In alcuni casi, potrebbe esserci un costo associato alla riparazione.

La maggior parte degli utenti che sono interessati dal problema ne sono ben consapevoli e su cui si sono basati soluzioni alternative che utilizzano iOS per ottenere un potere softwarepulsante, o semplicemente hanno imparato a convivere con il pulsante malfunzionante. Fortunatamente, se puoi vivere senza il tuo iPhone per una settimana circa, sarai in grado di riprenderlo come nuovo.

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Se sei infastidito da questo problema e sei idoneo per una sostituzione, dovresti approfittarne. Secondo MacRumors, chi è interessato a fare trading su un iPhone 5 difettoso deve richiedere specificamente l'aggiornamento e portarlo verso un nuovo iPhone come un iPhone 5C o iPhone 5S :. Apple sta dando il merito solo agli utenti chein particolare chiedi informazioni su un aggiornamento, ma l'importo del credito è superiore a quello che il negozio dà in genere per un trade-in di iPhone 5. Apple lo aggiusterà gratuitamente iPhone 5 Il pulsante di accensione non funziona correttamente?

Apple lo aggiusterà gratuitamente I phone. A volte non ha registrato clic e stampe? Se funziona bene, puoi ignorarlo Ottieni il numero di serie dell'iPhone 5 trovalo in iTunes o su iPhone Inserisci il numero di serie nel programma di verifica dell'eliminazione del programma sostitutivo su Apple. Tasto accensione iphone 8 Plus costo riparazione.

Problema iPhone 5 e tasto accensione/spegnimento rotto: Apple offre la sostituzione gratuita

Related posts. Unfortunately you only separated part of the display panel, try to reseat the display and open it again, paying special attention to step 3 which shows you where you should be prying to get those clips on the metal rail out of the phone body. Non provare a rimuovere completamente il pannello dal telefono poiché ci sono ancora diversi fasci di cavi attacati in cima all'iPhone. Una volta che le clip sono state rimosse ai lati e alla base del cellulare sollevare la parte bassa del pannello frontale e staccarla dal corpo dell'iPhone.

Sollevare lentamente il pannello finché si sarà formato un angolo di 90 gradi fra esso ed il corpo principale. When reinserting the screen, be sure to start from the top and insert the plastic tabs on the screen into the case before advancing the rest of the screen into place, finishing at the bottom. The screen will snap into place once lined up to complete the insertion.

This is actually very important, I was having trouble getting the front panel to go on by starting at the top.

Problema iPhone 5 e tasto accensione/spegnimento rotto: Apple offre la sostituzione gratuita

I started from the bottom instead and the bottom ended up secure, but not the top. I then tried to take the front panel back off, but because the top portion was already loose the force required to pull off the bottom led to one of the ribbon cables at the top of phone breaking. When reattaching the screen, please start from the top. BEFORE you try to push the bottom of the screen down and snap it in, use some pressure from the bottom edge to push the screen towards the top of the phone. I suggest that by the time you get to the middle of the phone starting from the top , you do this.

It will allow for getting the clips at the bottom by the sync cable clipped in and will sit nicely and allow for you to use overall pressure to make sure the whole screen is secured. I didn't do this and I damaged the seal on the right side of the phone and almost separated my screen from the digitizer trying to reseparate it to reattach the screen. Be very carefull to follow these steps I listed. If you do this while reattaching the screen, you'll have no problem.

I also agree with it being not necessary to remove the complete front panel. I just kept it attached and kept it at an angle as I pulled with gentle, continuous force at a 45 degree angle as suggested on the battery pull tab. It eventually came loose, I set the new battery in and everything works perfectly. That's the way I did it too. I put a piece of packing tape from the screen, over the top of the phone, and onto the back. That kept me from putting any pressure on the ribbon cable should the phone slip and the whole screen try to lift away from the backing.

Be careful taking the front panel off. I tried to pull it very careful but it ripped. One of the cables was damaged but luckily, it was the cable that goes out with the old front panel. It also ripped 4.

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I was lucky and recovered it from the floor. While trying to open the phone, I was must've tried a little too much and the screen came off in one shot, and it damaged the ribbon cables. Hello guys, I would like to first thank iFixit for these amazing repair guides they have always worked for me!

When reassembling the phone make sure to put the screen from top to bottom, but be aware there are 2 small flaps on the top left side of the screen you can notice them using another iphone as a flashlight if you don't put these 2 flaps first then you are going to have a little space between the top part of the screen and the aluminum frame , at least this happened to me and then I inspected the screen using a flashlight and then I found these 2 tiny flaps behind the screen near the top left corner.

Was it just me or did anyone else discover a ribbon cable or something like it on the bottom end of the phone under the home button? It kept me from opening the front panel more than 30 degrees or so, making the replacement impossible. It looks like you might actually have an iPhone 5s, that is probably the Touch ID cable, check out the iPhone 5s Display Assembly replacement here! What the heck only the top part of the lcd came off, NOT together with the shield plate.

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I used the stupid islack opener but only the very top layer came up. I don't see the battery or anything underneath because the shield plate is still in there. I can't even put it back closed and resuction it open because the shield plate is solidly stuck in and there is a cable at the top not settling properly. I have an open lcd top part of this phone. Hi Gabrielle, sorry you're having trouble! This frame step was meant to show you how to avoid that issue, however, you should be able to use it to pry up the frame and shield plate. You'll need to carefully pry the frame itself up.

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Insert a thin prying tool between the black or white plastic display frame, and the metal phone case, to lift the frame assembly out of the phone body. If you continue to have trouble, try posting a question in our forum for faster feedback! Hello, I've changed the earphone piece on my iPhone5 following this guide but I've skipped from step 9 directly to step 17 without problem, just shutting down first.

Once opened I've tied the iPhone's body vertically to a small box with an elastic ring, the display assembly resting horizontal at some 90 degrees allows enough place to unscrew and replace the earpiece. My biggest problem is my eyesight. Had to wear glasses and use a magnifying glass. Battery took about 20 minutes. Re-installing the cover for the screen ribbons was the toughest for me.

If you cant see I found the suction cup to be very effective in removing the front glass. Didn't take that much force to start to see the glass separate from the frame. It's a lot easier if you have a fingernail you can insert when you start to see the glass separate from the frame so that you can let go of the suction cup ring and grab a spudger to pry down one side and then the other. When reassembling, be sure to work from the top down to get the screen display in place. There are three hooks at the top that need to be seated otherwise they will bend and prevent the top from popping in flush.

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Otherwise, great instructions, thanks Ifixit,new iPhone battery is wonderful. Questa vite tende a non farsi attrarre da cacciaviti magnetici. Fate attenzione a non perderla durante la rimozione. Assicurarsi di rimetterla al posto giusto: Anyone have any idea why the 1. Just wondering why this screw seems to be made of aluminum, its the first screw of its kind as far as iphones go.